Tile Flooring Installation

Tile Installation Services in Richmond, VA

  • Tile Installation

    No matter what kind of tile services you need in Richmond VA, from tile repair to tile installation,Chesterfield Tile is the tile company to call. From floors to walls, we specialize in tile installation. Whether you just need to update an outdated bathroom or want to add some drama to your kitchen, our skilled tile installers can create the room of your dreams.

  • Floor Tile Installation

    It’s not easy to tell the difference between floor tile and wall tile just by looking at them, but there is a difference. Since a floor will take more abuse than a wall, it requires more resistance to cracking and chipping when things are dropped on it or when more weight is applied in one area. At Chesterfield Tile, we ensure the appropriate tile is used for your home improvement project.

  • Wall Tile Installation

    While floor tile will affect the overall look of a room it is mostly underfoot and covered by furniture, rugs, etc. Wall tile, on the other hand, is at eye level and can really make a design statement. Your options are less limited in wall tile because you can have slick finishes without worrying about safety or slipping. If you want a professional designer look, but can’t afford an interior designer, let our expert consultants work with you to install your custom design.

  • Grout Cleaning & Sealing

    Your grout can become very dirty due to foot traffic, but you can ensure its continual beauty with our services. We use a machine that eliminates dirt and grime and then we apply a sealant your grout to protect it from penetration. If someone spills red wine on your floor, our service means you won’t have to worry about a lasting stain.

  • Heated Floors

    No one likes walking on cold tiles, which is why we offer heated floors through a series of wires. These wires are placed underneath your tiles, where they warm your floor and have it comfortable before you get out of the shower or out of bed in the middle of the night.

    This option is a nice addition to your home because it offers more comfort for your family and cuts costs on heating. Feel free to use it as a primary or secondary heating source.

  • Outdoor Tile

    Tile isn’t just for kitchens and bathrooms. We can put tile in any room in your home. We can even put it outside your home. Don’t settle for boring concrete on your patio or pool deck. There are hundreds of tile options to choose from that will add a touch of sophistication and style instead. With the popularity of outdoor rooms and kitchens, you can transition from indoors to outdoors seamlessly. Our tile installers know just what kind of tile is made for outdoor conditions and can help you plan the perfect project.

  • Bathroom Remodeling

    Our Class A license allows us to perform all work from the ground up when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Do you need your bathroom gutted to its studs and totally redone? No problem! Our bathroom remodeling experts have the eye to see the best way to get the most out of your bathroom space.